Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump removal can help to improve your property and make it safe. Sam’s Tree Services offers professional stump grinding services performed by a team of trained and experienced stump grinding experts. When you remove your stumps by using our professional stump grinding services, you will benefit from having a safer property, more attractive landscape, reduced damage to your lawn equipment, and a regenerating property. There will also be fewer areas for insects to live and breed. Our tree service experts can safely perform stump grinding services to grind down any size stump.

The Best Stump Grinding Machines

Tree stump grinding comes in a variety of sizes. The size used depends on the size of the tree and how deep the tree stump is in the ground. Sam’s Tree Services provide quality stump grinding services at affordable prices in the northern beaches and north shore areas. Using our specialized stump grinding machines, our team grinds the stump down to about 8 – 30 inches below grade level. As well, stump grinding creates valuable mulch material.

If you want the entire stump removed, we have the equipment to do the job in the most efficient manner. We can handle any size stump grinding job. When the project is complete, you will be left with the stump removal mulch back-filled in the hole because we use the compost mulch to level the ground. You can also use the compost mulch produced from your old tree as mulch for your vegetable garden or flowerbed. Sam’s stump grinding services is very professional and affordable. We can accommodate just about any budget and we have the expertise and equipment to handle any size tree stump in any location.

Quality Stump Grinding Services

Tree stumps are unattractive and attract such pests as ants and termites. They can also be hazardous as they can easily be tripped over. In addition, they can be hindrances when mowing the lawn. Stump grinding is the most effective method for removing tree stumps with minimal impact on your property. Sam’s Tree Services provides the best and most affordable stump grinding services to our residential and commercial clients. We offer competitive stump grinding quotes, professional stump grinding, fast and dependable service, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact Sam’s Tree Services for your entire stump grinding needs.