More communities are banning the use of pesticides leaving residents and businesses with the task of finding new ways to get rid of weeds on their property. One of the best alternatives is mulching. Mulching is a natural organic way to safely prevent the germination of weeds. At Sam’s Tree Services, our trained and experienced professional mulching experts provide a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way to eliminate the use of pesticides by naturally mulching property of all sizes and types.

The Best Choice for Professional Mulching Services

Mulching is organic material such as compost, manure, or shredded bark chips, or it is inorganic material such as pebbles or crushed rock. Sam’s Tree Services provides the best mulching tool to suit each project and have set the highest quality standards to satisfy every customer. Our team of mulching experts delivers mulching solutions to complete every project on-time and on-budget. Sam’s Tree Services is the best choice for professional mulching services.

Premium Mulch Services

When Sam’s Tree Service experts spread their quality mulch over an exposed soil surface, moisture will be blocked which will discourage weed growth. We only use premium quality mulch when servicing each property with no chemically treated mulches or toxins. Our expert mulchers will spread the mulch in a clean and professional manner. Your soil will not only be naturally protected, but your property will look magnificent.

A fresh layer of mulch will protect against the spread of weeds which will reduce the need for weed controls. As well, it allows for the moderation of soil temperature which means during the dry season moisture will be retained so less water will be needed. In addition, mulch acts as an insulation barrier during cold season. Organic mulching also improves soil fertility.

Determining the Right Mulching Solution for You

Sam’s Tree Services dedicated mulch experts would be happy to answer your questions and find the right mulching solution for you. They can help you determine the amount and type of mulch that you will need applied to your property. Contact us to discuss the type of mulching you are looking for and our mulching experts will schedule a day to come to your property. You can request a quote to find out how Sam’s Tree Services can make your property beautiful and healthy.