Dead Wooding and Tree Felling

Dead Wooding and Tree Felling are common practices employed to maintain tree health and prevent injury. At Sam’s Tree Services, our experienced tree experts are professionals at carrying out the proper dead wooding and tree felling procedures for your residential and commercial properties.

Dead Wooding Services

Dead wood is a breeding ground for fungus, insects, and disease which makes it hazardous to a tree’s health and growth. As well, it can pose a danger to the public and property because dead limbs can fall causing injury and damage. Dead wooding is the safe removal of any the dead wood from the tree. Dead wooding also reduces potential food sources for pests that can cause diseases. Dead wooding is provided by Sam’s Tree Services in order to remove dead, diseased and dying wood, as well as dangerous branches. Removal of dead wood from the canopy of the tree includes both small branches and major limbs in order to create a safe environment and help encourage the future growth and health of the tree.

Tree Felling Services

On a commercial or residential property, trees may need to be cut back or removed due to their health, the tree’s specific location, the tree is a public and structure hazard, or there is too much growth. Tree felling is the process of cutting the tree near the base and using wedges or a winch to fell it in one complete piece. Once the tree is lying on the ground it is cut into sections for easier removal. Learning how to cut down a tree safely and properly takes experience and the appropriate equipment. At Sam’s Tree Services, our qualified and expert tree professionals safely fell trees while providing a very clean, safe, and efficient service. We have the best rigging equipment to ensure every customer gets the safest sectional fell.

It is always a good decision to ask a professional to view the tree before deciding to cut the tree down. For more information on our Dead Wooding Services and Tree Felling Services, contact Sam’s Tree Services for a free no obligation quote and we will be happy to help.