Arboriculture Maintenance

Properly cared for trees can not only add beauty to the landscape, but also increase the value of a property. Trees also provide a number of other benefits such as reduce carbon dioxide in the air, produce oxygen, reduce pollution, improve privacy, reduce soil erosion, and enhance the quality of life. Trees on the property require special care in order to be properly maintained. A poorly maintained tree can become a safety hazard, attract pests, and shorten the life span of the tree. At Sam’s Tree Services, our team of arborists are experts in providing a comprehensive arboriculture maintenance program that ensures a tree’s long life and beauty.

Arboriculture Maintenance Services

At Sam’s Tree Services, we are professional, tree care specialists who assess and diagnose a wide range of tree problems that can result in poor tree health. We provide our customers with recommendations for establishing an arboriculture maintenance program. Our arboriculture team provides free estimate about how your trees can be properly maintained. Our tree treatment program can include: mulching, planting, pruning, transplanting, and tree repair or tree removal. At Sam’s Tree Services, our fully trained and experienced arborists are committed to achieving the best result for our clients. We provide comprehensive arboriculture maintenance programs for a variety of properties that include residential, commercial, community parks, street trees, and more. No job is too small or too big.

Pruning: At Sam’s Tree Services, our tree experts will determine the type of pruning needed to maintain or improve the appearance, health, and safety of your trees.

Tree Removal: Our tree removal experts will remove a tree when the tree is dead or dying, considered irreparably hazardous, causing an obstruction that can’t be repaired with pruning, or is crowding and causing harm to other trees.

Planting and Transplanting: Our arborists will recommend types of trees that are appropriate for a certain location. They will perform professional planting and transplanting of the appropriate trees.

Mulching: Experts from Sam’s Tree Services will spread the highest quality organic mulch to prevent weed growth.

Stump Grinding: We will get rid of unwanted tree stumps and roots using stump grinding technology. The grindings from the tree stump are natural mulch that are rich in nutrients.

At Sam’s Tree Services, we offer competitive Arboriculture Maintenance quotes, fast and reliable service, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact Sam’s Tree Services for your entire Arboriculture Maintenance needs.