Sam’s Tree Services is a full service tree services company offering the best tree services for Residential Properties and Commercial Properties. We specialize in the following arborist projects:

Tree Removal: At Sam’s Tree Services, we safely and securely remove trees of all types and sizes. We employ state-of-the-art rigging equipment to remove trees and we follow all of the safety precautions to ensure the property, structures, and people, are never in harm’s way.

General Pruning: Our general pruning services helps to beautify your property and it helps your landscape flourish by effectively dealing with such issues as: addressing safety issues such as removing hazardous limbs, maintaining the shape and appearance of the trees, maintaining tree health, and helping to improve the strength and structural integrity of the tree. In addition, removing the deadwood will deter insects and pathogens from flourishing in the trees.

Tree Pruning: Tree pruning services provided include removing hazardous limbs, maintaining the shape and appearance of the trees, maintaining tree health, and helping to improve the strength and structural integrity of the tree. Pruning of young trees helps new plants develop into strong adult trees and it helps to prevent future expensive to repair problems that can develop.

Mulching Services: Mulch is organic material such as compost, manure, or shredded bark chips, or it is inorganic material such as pebbles or crushed rock. Sam’s Tree Services provides the best mulching service to suit each project and have set the highest quality standards to satisfy every customer. Our team of mulching experts delivers mulching solutions to complete every project on-time and on-budget.

Wood Chipping and Mulch Supply: With wood chipping and mulch supply, you will benefit from improved soil fertility, inhibition of certain plant diseases, reduction of mechanical damage to trees, and it gives plant and flower beds a well cared for appearance. Sam’s Tree Services is a quality mulch supplier and provides quality wood chipping services and mulch to ensure that your property receives the highest quality mulch.

Stump Grinding: Stump removal can help to improve your property and make it safe. Sam’s Tree Services offers professional stump grinding services performed by a team of trained and experienced stump grinding experts. You will benefit from having a safer property, more attractive landscape, reduced damage to your lawn equipment, and a regenerating property.


Commercial Property Services: Our team of tree service professionals understands how important it is for businesses to maintain their properties which include proper tree maintenance. We are proud to offer the best commercial property tree services at very competitive rates. We offer a wide range of quality commercial property tree services for small, medium, and large-scale commercial properties. We are licensed, insured, and use professional-grade equipment for our entire tree service projects.

Arboriculture Maintenance: Our arboriculture team provides free estimates about how your trees can be properly maintained. Our tree treatment program can include: mulching, planting, pruning, transplanting, and tree repair or tree removal.

Dead Wooding and Tree Felling: Dead wooding is provided by Sam’s Tree Services to remove dead, diseased and dying wood, as well as dangerous branches. Removal of dead wood from the canopy of the tree includes both small branches and major limbs in order to create a safe environment and help encourage the future growth and health of the tree. Our qualified tree professionals safely fell trees while providing a very clean, safe, and efficient service. We have the best rigging equipment to ensure every customer gets the safest sectional fell.

Crane and Tower Specialists: Our highly experienced and certified tree service staff efficiently and safely provide tree removals using mobile cranes. Our tree technicians are also certified and experienced in the pruning and removal of trees using equipment such as cranes and towers. We are equipped with large cranes to help with the pruning and removal of any extremely tall tree, whether it is for a residential or commercial job.

For more information about our projects, contact Sam’s Tree Services for a free no obligation quote and we will be happy to help.