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Sam’s Tree Service is a full service tree service offering quality, dependable, and eco-friendly tree services for Residential Properties, Business Properties, Homeowner Associations, Condominium Complexes, Historical Properties, and Community Property. Our team of professional arborists has made it their mission to provide the best tree services at the most reasonable rates.

At Sam’s Tree Service, the cornerstone of our success has been a growing loyal customer base, high customer referral rates, as well as acquiring new satisfied customers. Our professional tree services and maintenance programs are unparalleled to ensure our customers are always satisfied. We offer the same unparalleled tree services to each of our customers so that they know how much their business is valued and appreciated.

Sam's Tree services is proud to use environmentally friendly products and techniques.

Main Services

Mulching Services

Mulching is an ideal alternative to controlling weeds, Mulching is safe for the environment and gives the property a natural greener look. Mulching is either organic material, such as shredded bark chips, compost, and manure, or inorganic such as crushed rock or pebbles. Our team of mulching professional efficiently spreads mulch over an exposed surface of soil which effectively blocks moisture thereby discouraging weed growth.

Tree Pruning Services

Improper pruning techniques can permanently damage a tree or shorten the life of the tree. To prevent tree damage, our expert tree pruners will properly and safely prune your trees. Trees on the property require a high level of care to maintain their health. Our experienced and safe t will ree pruning experts will keep your trees strong, healthy, and beautiful. We provide a wide range of services such as Topping, Thinning and Lacing, Trimming and Shaping, and more.

Tree Removal Services

Our arborists are trained and experienced in providing safe tree removal services. We provide complete tree removal services and leave every job clean and free of damage. Our tree services also include sectional felling of dangerous trees and limb removing. Our tree removal services are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

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About Sams Tree Removal Services

Sam’s Tree Services was established to offer professional tree services at very competitive rates. Our tree removal services are provided by a highly experienced team of arborists and we offer FREE estimates. Our successful history of providing professional tree services in the residential and commercial area of north shore and northern beaches areas has resulted in an extensive list of satisfied clients. Our arborists are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities and the environment. With years of delivering expert tree services you can feel confident knowing that Sam’s Tree Service maintains the highest standards of integrity and is committed to providing the best tree services. Find out how Sam’s Tree Services can help you.

A message from Sam

"We offer the same unparalleled tree services to each of our customers so that they know how much their business is valued and appreciated."